Stockholm Central Library Addition

Project team for the Stockholm library project:
Dan Stuver, Christopher Hoyt, Andrew Taylor, Lynn Stokes, Ann Maki

Stockholm Central Library Addition: view from metro

View from the metro

This proposal calls for the replacement of the existing Annex buildings with a new library extension. The new building reinforces the unique qualities of the existing Asplund library and restores some of the important topographical and cultural values of the larger site.

The primary volume of the new library extension is sited such that its north face completes and visually extends the east – west bias of the Odenplan. This triangular form is placed against the hill, revealing a greater portion of the west façade of Asplund’s building from Odenplan and metro.

A new public plaza is accessed via formal stair and ramps. This plaza is effectively an outdoor room formed by the west wall of the Asplund library, the north face of Observatory Hill and intruded on by the glassy ‘prow’ of the media collection volume. The new plaza focuses attention on this ancient hill in a way that underscores its civic importance and strengthens the connection to the existing plaza and reflecting pool to the south of the original library.

A reference to Asplund’s idea of terraces leading to Observatory Hill, the new building’s roof is an occupiable landscape with pedestrian paths. Its slanted planar forms lead from the plaza up to a roof terrace then cross over to the hill. Entrances into the new building are placed along this pathway.